Badger Band Wish List

While we strive to support every endeavor and need of the Badger Bands, there are some things that the band needs that we simply are unable to fund. The Lampasas Band Parents Booster Club annual budget is established to support only the critical needs of the band. When we reach our 100% fundraising goals for the year, we are able to pay for those needs. If we exceed our fundraising goals, we can then pay for some of the items on this growing wish list. 

When you support the Lampasas Band Parents Booster Club, you help us take one step further to crossing off items on this list.
If you would like to purchase or donate toward an item on this list please contact us at

Trailer Wrap

The band has 2 trailers, both have outdated decals that we would love to replace. 
The cost to wrap each trailer is approximately $5,000.00.

Trophy Case

Badger Band has more trophies than space. Both the high school and middle school band halls are in need of more glass front, with lights inside, trophy cases. 
72" wide x 66" tall cases would work for several of the trophies that are currently crowding the top of the band lockers. 

34' to 50'  Band Trailer

The band trailer is used to transport the band equipment to games, contests and more. It would be safer for the equipment and much much easier on the students who load/unload to have one larger trailer that fits all of the equipment. 

Shako Cases

The hat worn by students with the marching uniform is called a shako. These are stored and transported in cases designed specifically for these hats. More than half of the boxes currently in use by the students are broken. 

Cases are approximately $11.00 each

Minimum of 50 are needed x $11.00  =  $550.00

To replace all of the shako cases would require the purchase of 150. 

Private Music Lessons for ALL High School students

2019-2020 school year there are 86 students in band. Lessons cost, on average, $30.00 per half hour

86 students x $30/half hour x 2 lessons per month x 9 months = $46,440.00 

The Lampasas Band Parents Booster Club hope to provide lessons for 5 students during the 2019-2020 school year at a cost of $540.00 per student. 
If you would like to donate toward lessons please click the donate button below. 

Uniform Bags

Uniform bags (garment bags) and heavy duty, non-curved, hangers are a necessity for bands. 
Badger band is in need of 110-120 bags for marching band uniforms as well as 110-120 bags for concert uniforms. 

Uniform bags for marching band uniforms are 54" long with a pouch for shoes and cost approx. $15.00 each. 
Bags for concert uniforms are longer, to accommodate dresses, 65" and cost approx. $13.00 each
Total cost for 110:

Marching bags = $1,650.00


ACCOMPLISHED!!  Concert bags ordered July 2020!

Concert bags = $1,430.00

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