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Illusion Color Guard

What is Color Guard? 

The color guard is most noticeably a part of the band during fall marching band season, rehearsing as one with the band to put together the show that is performed at competitions and football game halftimes. The color guard is a section, like flutes or percussion are sections, in order to make the whole that is the Badger Band. 

Color guard is not just for marching band season. The color guard members continue through the year in Winter Guard. Winter guard season is the competitive season involving only the colorguard through the spring semester. A winterguard show is choreographed for a basketball-court-sized space, is performed indoors and usually involves recorded music. 

How does the Lampasas Band Parents Booster Club support the Color Guard/Winter Guard? 

The Booster Club currently supports the color guard on an as needed basis. Such as purchasing the color guard uniforms for the 2018 marching band season and paying technician wages. 

The Lampasas Band Parents are working on developing a more supportive role with the help of a guard parent in the position of Color/Winter Guard Liaison. If you are interested in this position please contact us by clicking on the contact us button below. 

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