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Frequently Asked Questions

Lampasas Band Parents
(Band Boosters)

Q: What exactly is a Booster? 

A:  All parents/guardians of a student in the Badger Band, high school or middle school are members of the Band Boosters.  This is a group dedicated to supporting and promoting the Badger Bands.

Q: What do Boosters do?

A:  We provide support in the form of volunteer time and money. Both of these aspects are extremely important! Without volunteers, we cannot raise the necessary funds to support the Badger Band program or provide physical assistance in the form of chaperoning, uniform fittings, feeding the band, and more... a lot more.

Q When/Where do you need my help?

A:  The short answer is now and everywhere! Our volunteer coordinator can help you find your niche so that your time and talents have the greatest impact on our program. You can click on the "contact us" button at the bottom of this page with questions or the be added to the email list.

Q Why do we do this?

A: We do this to support our awesome band students and staff. While they are perfecting their shows, we are behind the scenes raising the funds necessary to provide everything they need. We are also fitting uniforms, providing snacks,  ordering or preparing meals and chaperoning trips. It is a group effort and we need you to make it happen!

Q: What is the 8 Hour Rule?

A:  The 8 Hour Rule is a set of guidelines for rehearsals outside the regular school day. Our directors are keenly aware of the rule and work well within the guidelines. Here's the link to the UIL page explaining the rule:

Q: Do we REALLY need all this fundraising? 

A:  Yes… we really do! Each year, Lampasas Band Parents donate thousands of dollars for things like equipment, meals, supplies, instructors, scholarships, etc.. Funds are also used for Color Guard expenses. We are still a growing organization and have a BIG wish list that includes music technicians, new instruments and equipment as well as travel expenses like charter bus rentals and a new, larger trailer and trailer upkeep. We know that fundraising isn’t everyone’s favorite thing… but it truly is necessary to allow our band to continue to improve their level of performance and success.

Q: My child wants to play sports.  Can he/she do both sports and band? 

A: YES! 
The band directors and coaches work together to ensure students can participate in any activity they desire. However, communication is VERY important! Students need to ensure the directors are aware of schedules so they can communicate with the coaches.

Q: I've heard about Summer Band/Band Camp.  What is it and does my child have to participate?  

A: Summer Band takes place during the last few weeks before school starts. This is when the high school students are introduced to the marching band show for the year and  is when freshmen learn the fundamentals of marching. It is VERY important and is required for all high school band students. 
For more information, and dates, see the document under "Notes" on the band booster fb page.
Parents are welcome, and encouraged, to watch practices.

2019-2020 Lampasas Band Parents Budget

Please take a minute to look at a few of the expenses on the Lampasas Band Parent budget for 2019-2020.

If you would like to see the full 2019-2020 budget please contact us and we will be happy to send you a copy.

  • Summer Band High School - $1270

  • Summer Band Middle School - $175

  • Marching Season Expenses to include guard uniforms, meals and transportation - $8,900

  • Color Guard uniforms - $2,500

  • Scholarships   - $1,750

  • Instuctors for master classes - $2,700

  • Band Parties (MS and HS) and High School Awards Night/Banquet - $900

  • Snacks for contests and auditions, both MS and HS bands - $465

  • Plaques  - $200

The total of the 2019-2020 budget is $20,281.00

Some of the above expenses may decrease or have to be removed because we just won't be able to come up with the funds.

We would love to be able to add new instrument purchases, new uniforms, private lesson scholarships, fees for instructors to come for marching band and concert season, etc. to this budget and it is possible with your help!

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